Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

Kitchen cabinets Silverthorne CO – Features of quality kitchen cabinet construction

When creating kitchen cabinets for your Silverthorne CO home, there are numerous features you should aim to include. At Premium Cabinets, all of our kitchen cabinets have the following standard features:

Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

All Wood Construction -Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

Big box shops offer you particleboard or MDF cabinets, which are simply not really strong (not to mention the adverse impacts liquids have on them). Even lots of custom cabinets and vanities are made with particleboard. At Premium Cabinets, our cabinets are constructed (sides and back) from premium furniture grade birch plywood. The faces and frames are made of maple. Even the shelves and drawer bottoms are all wood. This makes our cabinets easy to install (constantly completely square). Not to mention, far more water resistant and resilient.

Dovetail Construction – Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

Dovetailing is the conventional, quality method to construct a drawer. These days numerous company’s drawers are simply screwed or stapled together. Ours are constructed appropriately, dovetailed, like high-end cabinets or furniture. Dovetailing produces a strong, square, true, long-term joint. It will also hold more weight.

Full Extension Drawers – Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

While most company’s drawers only extend about 80 % of that way, ours extend entirely and can hold up to 125 lbs.

Soft Close Drawers – Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

A lot of cabinets come with standard close drawers. These are great, but now you can have something better. While others charge you $40 to $100 per drawer (include that up for a whole kitchen area). We include soft close drawers as a basic feature. With soft close drawers, it doesn’t matter if you slam your drawers or just barely close them, they will close on their own meaning no more banging and slamming.

Full Overlay Doors – Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

Full Overlay Doors is another feature/upgrade that we provide at no added expense. It simply makes your cabinets and kitchen look more appealing.

Hidden European 6 Way Adjustable Hinges – Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

Our cabinets have no ugly hinges visible. Our hinges can easily be readjusted up, down, right, left, in and out in seconds to make your doors line-up perfectly.

Soft Close Doors (optional) – Kitchen Cabinets Silverthorne CO

Our most recent feature is soft close doors to go with your soft close drawers. While the doors won’t close on there own, there will be no more banging or slamming if you choose this feature.

To talk about the many fantastic features provided by Premium Cabinets, contact us today.

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